The Benefits Of Beekeeping

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The Benefits Of Beekeeping
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​If you’ve ever thought about beekeeping, you might be wondering what the actual benefits of it are.

Besides all of that free honey, beekeeping does come with quite a few benefits, as outline in ‘Discover Beekeeping

Let’s talk about the benefits of beekeeping right now!

Beekeeping 101
Everything A Beginner Beekeeper Needs!

Saving Bee Populations

One of the big benefits that beekeeping brings to the table is the saving of bee populations. In the past decade or so, a combination of bad weather, pesticide use, predators, and other factors have cut the world’s population of bees down to a fraction of what they once were.

Seriously guys, the population of bees out there right now is a small fraction of what it once was.

This might not seem like a big deal at first. After all, they are just little honey makers that sting people, right? Wrong!

Bees are a vital part of the world’s ecosystem, perhaps the No. 1 most important animal out there of all time. The reason for this is because they pollinate things; they pollinate plants, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, and everything in between.

Literally, without bees pollinating these things, plants would not be able to reproduce, multiply, and stay alive.

Recent times have shown a big correlation between the drastic decline in worldwide bee populations and a lack of vegetable, fruit, and overall plant pollination. Simply put, without bees, all of the plants in our world will not produce. Bees literally keep the whole world alive. It’s as simple as that.

Saving Bee Populations

Boosting Your Vegetable Garden to a New Level

Do you have a vegetable, fruit, or herb garden that is not doing so well? Yes, this point is closely related to the one above.

For you garden to bloom, grow, multiply, and be healthy, all of those plants need to be pollinated. Without it, they won’t survive.

Most beekeepers will tell you that they experience a big upturn in the health and production of their gardens after installing beehives in a fairly close proximity. The bottom line is that having a beehive, or ten, will help nearby flower and vegetable gardens to flourish.

Honeybees are the most efficient pollinators of all bees out there, which can have a massive impact on your garden and the surrounding ecosystem.

Saving Money On Honey and Selling It Too

The fact of the matter is that honey is very expensive. Sure, you can get some generic honey from your local supermarket.

However, chances are that the honey you buy there, at least the really cheap stuff, is full of chemicals, additives, and might not even be purely real honey. It’s a problem that many encounter.

However, if you are a beekeeper, you won’t have to deal with chemical-filled subpar honey ever again, nor will you have to spend money for it.

In other words, if you do it right, you will have a nearly endless supply of fresh, natural, and awesome-tasting honey. Many people keep bees simply for the honey-making process and the benefits which it brings.

Yes, real honey, the high-quality stuff, is very expensive, which means that if you have a large beekeeping operation, you can make some pretty big bucks selling that sweet nectar to anybody who loves slathering it onto a bagel or dumping some in their cup of tea.

Free Beeswax

Another benefit that you get from beekeeping, is that you will get free beeswax. Beeswax used to be used a whole lot more for daily life, especially before the creation of synthetic wax, but it does still have a few good uses.

For one, no matter what the case, if you are involved in beekeeping, you won’t ever have to pay for beeswax again.

Moreover, a lot of beeswax products that you might find in stores are often filled with additives and toxic chemicals that nobody should be exposed to. If you have your own beehives, you can be sure that the beeswax you have is 100% natural.

Furthermore, selling beeswax or beeswax products can be quite lucrative too. This stuff is not cheap, so selling it can make you a whole lot of cash, especially if you are already selling the honey.

Things like soap, candles, lip balms, hair products, and even finishes for wood are all things that can be made of beeswax.

Bee Pollen As A Natural Remedy

Bee Pollen As A Natural Remedy

Did you know that bee pollen is actually a really good natural remedy? Yes, it’s true. Many people experience allergies; there is no doubt about that.

But, did you know that the pollen which bees disperse can actually be the solution to the allergies caused by the very same plants? Bees also produce something called Propolis, which they use to sanitize their hives.

Both bee pollen and this Propolis have special anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory benefits that are underrated.

Purely For Fun

Ok, so yes, beekeeping does come with a lot of environmental benefits, and with monetary benefits too. However, one reason why many people keep and raise bees is simply for the enjoyment.

People like to do this as a hobby, something to unwind and to relax. Not only is beekeeping quite relaxing, but some people truly have a whole lot of fun doing it, as can be seen by the set of books Discover Beekeeping

Simply put, a lot of people get enjoyment out of beekeeping, and who knows, this could be you.


​The bottom line is that there are many benefits when you keep a few beehives in your backyard. You help out the environment, bee populations, you get free and natural honey and beeswax, plus you can make some good cash.

For more information on beekeeping, taking a look at Discover Beekeeping is highly recommended.

Beekeeping 101
Everything A Beginner Beekeeper Needs!

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